Welcome to Power To Protect! We are driven to use our knowledge, resources, and talents to connect with communities and community members who are interested in learning more about children’s rights and we are excited to empower those communities to advocate for the children they serve.

Community Engagement

Teaching is a passion for many of our team members and community volunteers. Through our community education and engagement programs, we are able to share our understanding of children’s rights. Our community education team lead by Lawrence Hill is well versed in the nuances of this type of human rights and our programming is accessible. We welcome all opportunities for community learning.

Please contact us to learn more about our community education and engagement programs. We present to many different ages and demographics.

Community Empowerment

A strong community raises strong children. What builds a strong community? Strong parents, strong teachers, and strong support systems. We are dedicated to strengthening communities and empowering community members to advocate on behalf of the children in the community. Our unique community programs focused on child rights advocacy and protecting the well-being of children offers important, up-date-date information and actionable solutions that parents, caregivers, teachers, and other concerned professionals in positions to positively impact children can use to better the community that they work and live in.

Family and Child Advocacy

Our team of family and child advocates can be very helpful when navigating our legal system. This is especially true when a family believes that their child’s or a child’s rights have been violated. Family advocacy resources help to simplify a dauntingly complex system and offers direction and a clearer path to justice and better protection for children.