Who We Are

PowertoProtect.org is an organization made up of passionate educators, social workers, parents, community leaders, and volunteers who have been brought together by the shared goal of protecting and advocating for children’s rights.

As the brainchild of community leader and mother of two, Betty Glover, PowertoProtect.org began to form as Glover noticed inequalities between the children within her community and those in other parts of the world. In an effort to bring attention to these inequalities and begin a conversation to address them, Glover got organized and connected with others in the community to create this unique organization to fill the need.

Regardless of socio-economics, geography, or background, we believe that every single child is afforded basic rights specific to their unique vulnerabilities and needs. Our organization is dedicated to raising awareness of the rights of children around the world and advocate for legislation that positively impacts the lives and situations of children everywhere. We are excited to provide well-informed and educational programming regarding issues specific to children and to spotlighting injustices against children.

Our Arsenal of Children’s Rights Advocates

We are so fortunate to have a team of caring, talented, and outstanding individuals rallying for children’s rights.

Betty Glover, Founding President

Jeffrey Otey, Vice President

Rita Felder, Secretary

Brandon Estrada, Treasurer

Lawrence Hill, Community Education Director

Christine Sanfilippo, Community Events Coordinator

Roy Moore, Community Mission Coordinator

Joseph Wade, Community Volunteer Coordinator

David Hafford, Child and Family Advocate

Kelsey Robinson, Child and Family Advocate

Get Involved

Our leadership team is tasked with organizing and carrying out community education programming and awareness events. In addition to their tireless efforts, Power to Protect relies very heavily on the involvement of our volunteers.

To volunteer your skills and talents, please contact Joseph Wade. All are welcome to volunteer and we have a special interest in working with educators, child services professionals, and legal professionals. In additions to these specialized volunteers, we have a continual need for volunteers to assist with our programming and event staffing needs.


We gratefully accept donations from patrons moved to support our community programming. Please contact Roy Moore for donation details. Please note that we cannot accept donations of used clothing. Donated clothing must be new with tags.