What You Can Do

There are so many different ways to support and advocate for children’s rights. One of the most basic and important ways is to become an outspoken ally of children. It is through awareness and community education that you can use your voice to advocate for children in situations in which you have reason to believe a child’s human rights have been violated.

Donate Your Time and Talents to Children’s Rights

There are many wonderful communities and worldwide organizations with the shared mission of combating children’s rights violations and which are motivated to enact real and measurable change that positively impact the lives of children around the world. Connect with a children’s rights organization online or in your community and share with them your unique skills and talents. Offering physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support to children and families can make a meaningful and lasting impact on the life of a child.

Helping to fund the work of these worthwhile organizations is also a noble contribution. Many children’s rights organizations rely on monetary donations to pay for the administrative expenses and the behind-the-scenes needs that ensure that the programming offered and the work they do is able to run smoothly.

Sponsor a Child, Change a Life

Sponsoring a child is yet another way to invest in the advancements of children’s rights and directly impact the life of a child locally or elsewhere in the world. Sponsorship helps to provide protection, education, and medical care to children who may otherwise not have access to those very basic rights.

Choose a Cause that Impacts Children in a Unique Way

Children’s rights is a broad term and there are many different working parts that function in harmony to protect children around the world. Do your research and choose a children’s cause that you feel strongly about.

Issues unique to children include:

  • Child labor
  • Child involvement in armed conflicts
  • Child marriage
  • Genital mutilation
  • Child sex trafficking
  • The availability of education
  • Global children’s rights

User Your Voice and Personal Power to Change the World for Children

No matter which cause is closest to your heart, it is important to take actions, be it big or small, in the name of the advancement of children’s rights. Awareness rallies, community movements, educational programming and fundraising events are great ways to express your concern for pressing issues related to children. Consider becoming a community organizer and help fellow community members also become more informed and aware of issues impacting children’s rights.

Below are several organizations that focus on children’s rights. Please consider supporting these organizations in addition to our efforts: